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The use of infrared thermography (IRT) for the inspection of electrical building services seems to be the most viable application of thermography in the business sector. Here, we will be considering the importance of undertaking a routine thermal imaging survey, as well as some vital points to note when consulting a contractor to help in the inspection.

What Does an Electrical Thermal Imaging Survey Entail?

A thermographic survey has to do with collecting thermal images of electrical components including contactors, switchboards, motors, UPSs, control panels, fuse boards, transformers, battery banks, etc. With this survey, it becomes easy to detect electrical faults such as overloaded circuits, transformer cooling malfunction, induced current, loose connections and motor winding faults. These operations are done while the appliance is working, causing zero disruption to commercial activities.

After the survey, a report is produced, showing the faulty equipment. For every fault detected, diagnosis, as well as recommendations for repair, is given. The report will also give an evaluation of the severity of the fault which will enable the clients to make an adequate plan on the next line of action to take in order to remedy the situation without affecting their business activities.


  • Best electrical fault finding technology
  • Does not disrupt your business activities in any sense
  • Reduction in breakdown cost
  • Reduction of insurance premiums
  • Reduction in Risk management budgets

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Thermal Imaging Company

There are several survey companies. However, if you wish to get most or all of the benefits above, you may have to consider the points highlighted below when selecting a most suitable thermal imaging company.

  • Certification and experience

Search for a company that has only certified thermographers with adequate training and experience

  • Demand For Quality Example Reports

A lot of survey companies usually post example reports on their web pages. Read up these reports to know what you should be expecting from their services. Ensure you understand the review: some companies may put up reviews in technical jargons only to confuse their readers.

  • Find out the Thermal Imaging Camera they Use

Thermal Imaging Cameras has experienced a downward shift in price in recent times. This has made several companies to troop into the business of offering thermal imaging surveys.

One question to ask is: Is the accuracy, quality, and level of services bound to be affected by the nature of the equipment used? The good companies among the lot will always use a high-end camera. The Flir ThermaCAM P Series is an example of a camera idea for an electrical survey. It has high sensitivity, required accuracy, temperature range and resolution appropriate for all electrical applications

  • Insurance, Risk Assessments and Method Statements

When thermal imaging is carried out appropriately, it is extremely safe. Nevertheless, any industrial activity that requires the use of electrical appliances poses a great risk. Hence the need for being sure that the survey provider is insured. You should also ensure that they can offer you risk assessment and method statement for the specified job at hand.


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