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Installation of New Equipment        

As a customer, spending enough time on making a market research to find the best heating or air conditioning appliance is very indispensable. That way, you can lower your risk to have an inefficient and unreliable choice. Even though you take advantage of the trusted brand in the market, it will eventually need ducted heating repair or replacement. When looking for a company that provides replacement services, identify whether it has a quality new equipment installation. With that, you will make a purchase that last within a long time.

Refurbishment of Existing Equipment

Working with one of the most awesome HVAC Companies, reduced cost, minimal equipment downtime, and minimal disruption are guaranteed. Instead of replacement services, refurbishment of existing equipment is better. You will not only receive quality services but also gain a huge saving.

So now let’s take a brief look at the types of air-conditioning.

Types of Air-conditioning

  • Central Air Conditioner and Heat Pumps – These are especially designed to cool your entire home or commercial office. Central air conditioner has a large compressor unit that drives the process. When it comes to the heat pumps, they are used for heating.
  • Room Air Conditioners ­– These are used for mounting through walls or in windows. They are sized in order to cool a single room. Unlike central systems, they are cost-effective. In addition, they are more energy efficient and functional than the latter.
  • Evaporative Coolers – Also known as swamp coolers, evaporative coolers are a practical and excellent alternative in dry areas. Like other air conditioners, it can provide a holistic cooling performance.


Whether you have a hectic schedule or enough knowledge, let a qualified and professional HVAC provider handle all your maintenance needs. It has well-equipped people who can make your heating and cooling appliance sturdy and long-lasting. It uses state-of-the-art resources that can result to hassle-free services.

Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning (AC) is a type of technology that alters air properties into a favorable and comfortable condition. It is however important in our day-to-day lives; as without it, the quality of life can be greatly reduced. Nowadays, AC units have become very common and crucial in households. It is useful in all climates, and typically, the units need to be serviced and maintained to ensure they remain in a working position at all times.

Essentiality of AC


Based on research, air conditioning has been shown to improve a person’s efficiency. When working in a normal temperature, there are limits to the output of quality work; but when the situation is improved, efficiency becomes increased. A person is then able to work faster, therefore being more productive.

Good Health

Places where air conditioning units are installed have filtered and cleaner air supply. There are a number of particles and dust that are present naturally in the air, which can pose a harm to the human health. The unit handles this quite diligently. There are AC units designed to filter different types of microorganisms, smoke, bacteria and so on. This simply means it can preserve and add value to life and prevent diseases.

Low Noise

Areas without AC, people mostly use fans. Fans can be quite noisy and they can disrupt the ideal working atmosphere; which makes air conditioning more preferable than fans. In places with air conditioning, doors and windows are required to be closed and thus the noise from the outside is minimized. The AC unit is not noisy, too, therefore, work or sleep cannot be unnecessarily interrupted.

There are a lot of advantages of having a good air conditioner. You, however, make sure it stays in the right working conditions at all times. Getting access to quality services can bring about satisfaction. Some of the services that are provided at Smoel Air include:

  • Gas logs
  • Electronic thermostats
  • Installation of carbon monoxide detectors
  • Air cleaning
  • Hot water boilers for residential places
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Cooling at low temperature
  • Water heaters
  • Filtration and high efficiency systems
  • Maintenance of heat exchanger
  • Detection of Freon leak
  • Analysis of energy survey
  • Duct cleaning

Smoel is one of the best air conditioning service providers in Melbourne. We hire only highly qualified personnel at all times so as to guarantee the quality of the work provided. Our services are based on effectiveness and efficiency. We offer system installations and maintenance. A professional from us will always check your controls and thermostats during the maintenance times. The fans bearing lubrications will also be checked; only professionals can be able to carry out such tasks efficiently.

Accessing the best general air conditioning services is important in prolonging the life of your unit. Always look out for the best qualified professionals that can handle the entire unit without much fuss.







A stump is often a wooden or concrete component that is usually added to the foundations of a house. Stumps are generally pieces of wood which hold the foundation up and prevent the house from collapsing. Sometimes, stumps break and can lead to a wide range of damage to the house mainframe. Once this happens, a specialist is needed to be called in to ensure that the house remains strong and whole without getting weakened.

House restumping means the replacement of the stumps used in a house subfloor as a result of many different reasons which may include settling resulting from soil movement over time as well as rotting caused by termite damage or excessive moisture. Home owners usually make use of the re-stumping process as a chance to also raise their property. Among the most common reasons for raising the house in recent times is to avoid the likelihood of the house being affected by flood. In such cases, house raising may be seen as a precautionary measure to protect the property against the damages that may be experienced in flood prone locations.

When precisely does a house need re-stumping?

There are various warning signs you can watch out for. This may include cracks on the interior surfaces, bumpy or bowed floors, cracks on bricks, windows as well as doors which do not open and close properly. Note that this kind of conditions may or may not be noticed in a house and will depend significantly on the soil condition that the house is built on is made.

Re-stumping can be carried out either partially or totally – the whole stumps in the building may be replaced. In some cases, stumps which may appear to be in an excellent condition may have flaws that are not obvious upon initial assessment. In such situations, the home may have to be raised afresh. Reliable concrete stumps installed by a specialist company will typically examine the situation of the stumps and will dig the soil to inspect and scratch the stumps. Wooden stumps which need to be changed often give signs readily when scratched. Among the sign that wooden stumps need to be changed is high water marks which reveals that moisture has penetrated the stump.

After evaluating the situation of the wooden stumps and finding out if the home owners need home raising, and acquiring the necessary permits, the house is lifted gradually by using a jack. The building contractor will now change stumps which are no longer considered to be in good shape for the house while the ones that are deemed fit for use will be packed to aid much better deal with the soil settling. In this kind of scenarios, the occupants of the home might most likely to relocate to another place temporarily until all the related works are completed.

House raising is often taken into consideration to be a major investment decision made towards a property. Although it definitely can enhance structural credibility and boost a property’s worth, when executed in the wrong way, it can possibly result in serious consequences. In other to avoid this, it is essential and advisable to seek the service of a renovator with comprehensive know-how and with practical experience in this specific field.

Do you want to spruce up your home? If you do, then the best way for you to do that is through painting the exterior of your house. However, when is the best time for you to do it? Well, the answer to that question is during summer and late spring. Why, you ask? It’s because it is the time when the temperature is warm and the precipitation is low. What does this mean? This only means that the paint would be able to cure at the right rate.
On the other hand, if you were not able to do it during that time, then you can also do it during fall. The reason for this is that during fall, the difference between the lows and highs is lesser as compared to the other seasons. Why is it a good thing? It is a good thing because it is not ideal to paint a house when the temperature reaches 100° during the day and it drops down to 40° at nighttime. It is also the time when the temperature is just moderate, not too hot and not too cold. After all, the manufacturers of paints these days recommends a minimum of temperature outside when painting.

Now, if you would be opting to latex paint for the exterior of your house, then a temperature of 50° – 85° would be perfect. After all, painting the exterior of your house when the weather is too hot may result to the paint drying too fast and when that happened, the brush marks can be seen. On the other hand, painting when the weather is too cold can result to either peeling or cracking because the paint would not be able to adhere to the surface well. So, if you have plans to paint the exterior of your house, make sure that you do it at the right time and at the right temperature.

Why You Should consider Repainting Your House Today

We cannot deny the fact that there are some homeowners out there who thinks that having their house repainted is only a waste of their time. They think that their old paint is still okay. However, if you are the type of homeowner who wanted to have a beautiful home that you can proudly show off to your guests, then repainting your house should be something that you should invest your money on. After all, a simple repainting process can completely change the look, feel and the ambience inside your home.
Where do you go to after a hard days’ work? It’s your home of course and so, it is very important for you to keep it inviting and relaxing. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should replace your sofa with a more comfortable one or buy a bigger television set. Sometimes, you only need to change the color of your house’s painting with a more calming one.
On the other hand, if you wanted to increase the value of your home, especially if you have plans of selling them, then a simple repainting project in your home would do the job. Of course, it would be best for you to hire a professional painter to do it for you. Repainting your home can also help in protecting your home from the normal wear and tear as well as the damages that the weather can bring. In addition to that, with the use of quality paints on the surface, fumes and odors can also be reduced. What does this mean? This only mean that you are promoting a better quality of air inside your home and so, it is a great way to protect you and your loved one’s health. See? Repainting your home can indeed offer a lot of benefits.